Ironic Coffee Poster Is Actually Useful

If you’re one of those people who relies heavily on a craft cup of coffee each morning, you’ll find this chart very helpful. It shows you how to make different drinks involving espresso. The Caffe Mocha, Americano and Caffe Latte are all here. Just add said amount of espresso, pile on the steamed milk and add a little foam. Presto! Caffeine at it’s finest. Just make sure you have an equally impressive mug.


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  1. …why have i never seen this before. i want a poster of it hahah

  2. Mister Sincerity

    Where’s the irony?

  3. This is not ironic.

  4. I agree Mister Sincerity, where is the irony. It just looks like an informative poster to me. But what do I know?

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