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5 DIY Projects From Pinterest You Should Try

Lego Key Holder

The trouble with Pinterest is that no matter how hard you try, you always get sucked in. Plus, getting sucked in usually means attempting a number of projects that you have no place trying. Still, in the spirit of DIY and actually making the effort, we bring to you five DIY projects from Pinterest that you should try.

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Thomas Doyle: Professional Dioramist

Once, in Kindergarten, I built a diorama using cotton balls, crayons, construction paper and Elmer’s glue. It looks like shit but boy was I proud of it. Today, I think I’ll leave the diorama-making to Thomas Doyle, a guy who produces true works of art using miniature figures and houses that would normally be found on a train set. Click ...

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Make Your Own Ball Bearing Sequencer

In the latest issue of MAKE, there are instructions for a DIY project that is long overdue. If you’re into creating digital music, by now you’ve surely seen the video of a ball bearing sequencer on YouTube. You haven’t? Well watch the above video and you’ll be brought up to speed. Essentially, you move the metal balls around to different ...

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MAKE’s Alternative Energy Gift Guide

Anyone interested in DIY, energy or our ecosystem should most definitely check out the Alternative Energy Gift Guide from MAKE. They cover some key issues that we as Americans must confront head on, such as our dependence on foreign energy and oil. There’s a bunch of a kits you can browse through that will have you using the Sun as ...

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Three Penny Radio

If you love WHYY as much as I do and you’re down for a little DIY action, scrape three pennies from your sofa and try building this tiny radio. Full instructions are available and the electronics involved can be had at your local Radio Shack. There’s even instructions on how to make your own batteries out of vinegar and aluminum ...

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Biz Card Web Server

The team over at Hackaday (my old stomping grounds) have whipped up an excellent and detailed HOW TO that shows how to make your own web server. Before you complain and state how easy it is to use your grandmother’s old HP and all that jazz, let me ask you this: Is your server the size of a business card? ...

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Minitek Electronic Music Festival

For those of you who will be in New York during the second week of September, we suggest you come out and visit us at the Minitek Electronic Music Festival. It’ll feature a handful of different electronic performing artists, music, art, technology and more. It takes place September 12th through the 14th and will feature both an indoor and outdoor ...

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The Beagle Board Does Not Include Free Peanuts

Digi-Key has unleashed its power house single-board computer called the Beagle Board. This developer dream board is perfect for DIY projects and ground level design work. Don’t judge it by its size either, its processor: the ARM Cortex A8, runs up to 600MHz while delivering over 1,200 MIPS (million instructions per second). It packs quite a punch for a 3″ ...

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Is Laurier Rochon Clean?

Earlier this month, I was sitting on the can reading the latest issue of MAKE magazine. Inside, I read about Laurier Rochon and his deodorant-based docking station. At first, the concept sounded a bit off color but after reviewing his project, dubbed “I Am Clean”, as a whole, I’m proud to report I’m obsessed with it. Laurier used an Arduino ...

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