Is Laurier Rochon Clean?

Earlier this month, I was sitting on the can reading the latest issue of MAKE magazine. Inside, I read about Laurier Rochon and his deodorant-based docking station. At first, the concept sounded a bit off color but after reviewing his project, dubbed “I Am Clean”, as a whole, I’m proud to report I’m obsessed with it.

Laurier used an Arduino and an XPort along with a combination of PHP, SQL and XML to create a docking station that lets the world know how long he used his stick of deodorant for. You pick up the stick, use it and put it back in the dock. Instantly, the information is sent to his website, where users use a slick Flash interface to view when and how long Laurier was messing around with the Old Spice. It’s a both an innovative and complex technical project, one that you have to see to believe. Hit the link below for the full goods.

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