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The Palm Treo Pro: It’s Comin’

Coming this fall is Palm’s Treo Pro. It’s also the first Treo to support tri-band HSDPA (faster net speed) for 3G access on AT&T and additional carriers. The American launch will start out with an unlocked, carrier-independent version at $549 that’ll feature a sleeker design than previous Treos as well as a touchscreen and a button to quickly switch its ...

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Even Federer Would Appreciate This

Wimbledon 2008 has been one big whirlwind. Even those of us who normally don’t appreciate or watch tennis can’t deny the fury between Nidal and Federer and the Williams’ sisters. To celebrate the sport of Tennis and to honor Wimbledon, HSBC got artists Dan Harvey and Heather Ackroyd to create photosgraphs made from grass. Three portraits were used to start. ...

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Pro Flip Cup Player Gloves

We take our drinking games real seriously. Whether it be public inebriation or an intense match of Flip Cup, you’ll need gloves to make sure your hands are not only protected but also comfortable for reduced muscle strain. That’s just what the manufacturer of these gloves promise: a glove that will aid performance in a game of flip cup. When ...

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Pro Rubik’s Cube Kit For Unemployed Japanese Geeks

There is an entire sub-culture of geeks who live in a world of Speedcubing. For you not of the geek persuasion, Speedcubing is the attempt to solve the Rubik’s cube as fast as humanly possible, sometimes in extreme situations, such as blindfolded and underwater. Available now in Japan is this Pro Rubik’s Cube Kit, which comes with all you need ...

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