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Inigo Montoya iPhone Case Makes You Feel Like Fred Savage

Imagine this. Let’s just say your name happens to be, oh, I don’t know, Fred Savage, and your grandfather happens to be a book obsessed Peter Falk impersonator. Say he walks into your bedroom one day when you’re coughing your ass off, I mean hacking up a fuckin’ lung, and he starts rambling about some six-fingered man and a rhyming ...

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Beer In A Pouch

Look, I’ve talked about sneaking alcohol into concerts several times before. It’s something that we as men just have a natural need for when we’re rocking out and we’d like to save a buck while we’re at it. These beer pouches? Perfect for crotch stuffing. I bet you could cram a damn six-pack in between your ass cheeks no problem. ...

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