Beer In A Pouch


Look, I’ve talked about sneaking alcohol into concerts several times before. It’s something that we as men just have a natural need for when we’re rocking out and we’d like to save a buck while we’re at it. These beer pouches? Perfect for crotch stuffing. I bet you could cram a damn six-pack in between your ass cheeks no problem.

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  1. That is pretty sweet. They also make wine powder now. I know because I like to get DRUNK.

  2. @hangover cure:
    best comment ever

  3. Isnt that what camel packs are for?

  4. Way to go.. Nice way to make alcohol abuse even easier.. I’m sure all those battered wives and beaten bloody children will thank you for your efforts.

  5. Where the hell can I purchase this?! PERFECT for drinking and driving bahaha!

  6. I’m sure the women and children were asking for it.

  7. I could totally turn one of those into a lotion bottle…. and then the security really wouldn’t catch on 😀 Sneak in some vodka too!

  8. @ravious:
    Also a great way to responsibly enjoy an alcoholic beverage in places that normally forbid glass bottles.

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