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Sony, The PS3 and the Emotion Engine

If you’re one of the lucky people who own a first-gen PS3 model (back when WiFi wasn’t standard and shit), your system has what’s called an Emotion Engine chip. Think of it as an extra heart for your PS3 that allows you to have a full Playstation 2 inside. Sony removed it a few years back to cut costs and ...

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Want A Killzone 2 Demo Code? Just Ask Sony

Apparently, a lot of people got pissed off about Sony’s little pay-to-play scheme that involved pre-ordering Killzone 2 in order to receive a code for the demo. Yes, the very same codes we gave out the other week. Sony is now trying to save face by offering up a “limited number of downloads” of the demo. The catch is, you’ll ...

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Announcing The Winners Of Our Killzone 2 Contest!

It’s February and you know what time it is: time to announce the winners of our latest contest! We had a lot of great entries from you and it looks like everyone with a PS3 is super-psyched about the Killzone 2 beta. We’ve picked the two best comments from people who wrote more than one sentence and followed the rules ...

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SOCOM: Confrontation Wasted My Time!

Note: This in-depth review of SOCOM: Confrontation was done by my brother, Dave. Can you believe this shit? Where does Sony get off selling an online game that doesn’t work online, let alone a game that sucks ass when the online does momentarily work. You know what the game box is good for? A plate for my pizza. That’s it. ...

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Sony Accepting Applications Playstation Home Beta

The main reason you bought a Playstation 3 was probably due to Killzone 2 or Playstation Home, Sony’s new online service that’s supposed to be something like Xbox Live meets Second Life. You and your friends can meet up with your avatars, talk, chat, shoot the shit and so on. Oh, and more importantly, you can play games together too. ...

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