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Pipe Dream: Kozo Lamps

David Benatan, a Tel Aviv-based designer, created lamps made from pipes and other similar hardware. Check out the Kozo lamp, which features washers, nuts, pipes and faucets. And yes, you turn the lamp on and off using the faucet. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. Too bad they’re not readily available at the local IKEA or I’d run and ...

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Mario Spotted on the Streets of New York City

We figured that the second most famous plumber in the world (Screw you, Joe the Plumber Douche Bag. Can’t you just go away already?) would be spending his days looking for gold coins in the pipes of the most famous city in the world. Good luck on finding that gold though. Times are tough, my man. Frankly, I don’t blame ...

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Have A Seat On The Street

A unique artist named Posterchild has transformed a series of rough, old pipes into loving seats. He calls them “seating caps” and designs them out of wood and metal. He’s made five and has installed them throughout his city. I think this idea of a “seating cap” would go over well in New York. It’s a low-cost solution to loitering! ...

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Lightpipes Are Not Illuminated Bongs

$615 buys a lot of beer. It also can buy you one Lightpipe from Monodesign. Though expensive, these pipes are sure to give your shitty Williamsburg basement apartment a makeover. Throw a few of these next to that budding rat nest in the corner and it’ll be like having your very own nightclub. And by nightclub, I mean halfway house. ...

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