Mario Spotted on the Streets of New York City


We figured that the second most famous plumber in the world (Screw you, Joe the Plumber Douche Bag. Can’t you just go away already?) would be spending his days looking for gold coins in the pipes of the most famous city in the world. Good luck on finding that gold though. Times are tough, my man. Frankly, I don’t blame Mario for taking on more of a “viral” marketing scheme.

And you thought Mario only climbed through pipes when he was trying to save princesses? No way. That dirty little shit just loves the smell of feces. Can’t get enough of it. Just watch out for alligators, Mr. Mario. And even if large reptilian beings in the NYC sewage system happens to only be a myth, have you seen New York City’s rats? They might as well be grizzly bears.


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  1. This looks like the work of Invader. Or someone copying him.

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