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POV Display Ping Pong Paddles: Ping Pong for the Deaf

Troika’s POV Ping Pong Bats offer something previously only available to connoisseurs of ping pong themed comic books (is there such a thing?). Visual sound effects. Not quite sound at all really, but more a descriptive word which not only adds a touch of zing to the game but helps the hearing impaired understand that there are potentially elements of ...

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The Camera You Can Roll Under Any Skirt

This might look like a miniature Death Star but, in actuality, it’s a top secret spy cam. The DVR CamBall is the first ever digital video camera and MP3 player that’s as small as a ping-pong ball and able to record at 320�240 or 640�480 resolutions. What better way to sneak a camera into top-secret facilities than to roll it ...

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