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How To Make A Particle Accelerator in Your Own Home or Office

It’s a curious thing, physics. It’s everywhere around us, yet without an education of its every function and reaction, most of us don’t see it, or at least acknowledge it. We know it’s there, but we’re immune to its actual nature. For instance, something as simple as peeling a piece of Scotch tape off of the roll. Most people would ...

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Light Frequency Fingertips Turn Your Fingers Into an Orchestra

I played guitar off-and-on for about ten years, but I gave up my musical aspirations once I realized my fingers just weren’t made for rapid chord progressions. All the practice in the world couldn’t solve my coordination issues, or change the fact that my fingers more closely resemble sausages than most human anatomy should. Some talents you just have to ...

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Researchers work on developing a computer that runs on light

Researchers from the UK are working on creating a computer that runs off of light, rather than electricity. The research project at the University of Bath is focused around the creation of attosecond technology, which refers to continuous pulsing light that lasts for the extremely short period of time of a billion-billionth second. Researchers are determined to learn how to ...

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