Light Frequency Fingertips Turn Your Fingers Into an Orchestra

I played guitar off-and-on for about ten years, but I gave up my musical aspirations once I realized my fingers just weren’t made for rapid chord progressions. All the practice in the world couldn’t solve my coordination issues, or change the fact that my fingers more closely resemble sausages than most human anatomy should. Some talents you just have to be born with. And my genes did not carry the guitar virtuoso strand.

It’s good to know that just because some of our fingers don’t move the way our brains want them to move doesn’t mean we’re completely musically-disabled. Robert Mathey’s Light Frequency Fingertips strap right onto your fingers and use light to create stirring musical sounds. The fingercaps of these musical gloves are fitted with light sensitive phototransistors that allow the wearer use photons to compose music. A 3-volt battery and a mobile phone are all that stands between you and musical genius. Plus, they sort of make you look like a cyborg. Check out a video of the Fingertips in action after the jump.

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