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GlitchNES: Who Needs Guitars Anyway?

Previously, I showed you how to manipulate video using Pure Data and a MIDI controller. This time around, we’re skipping the computer and all the bullshit. Using a program called glitchNES, you can now alter code in your favorite NES ROM to produce glitchy, hacked video and music. I’d imagine it would be awesome for live performance or video manipulation. ...

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The Evolution Control Committee In Action

Ever heard that song “Rocked By Rape” that’s made up of AC/DC samples and clips of Dan Rather? No? Ok, then go here. Great. So that’s the Evolution Control Committee. They sure do some neat stuff with them there musical instruments. If you watch the above video, you can see how they use a Wiimote to control their mashups when ...

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Carl Craig Performing With Parisian Orchestra

If you’re not familiar with Carl Craig, Google around and I’m sure you’ll find out that he’s one of the pioneers of techno and electronic music. In recent years, his music has taken more of a house/ethnic approach that has pushed the boundaries of modern electronic music. For our readers in France, if you’re around the Cit de la Musique ...

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