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Pentagon Hack Attack

Duck for cover! The Pentagon has been the victim of a cyber attack! The weapon in question is a hybrid computer worm rapidly spreading throughout the Pentagon’s thousands of interconnected defense computer networks. No worries, though. The Department of Defense has taken steps to slowing the worm’s advancement by quarantining networks and systems until its removal. Though the entry point ...

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World of Warcraft Terror Plots Uncovered?

Boing Boing Gadgets has an interesting write-up on how Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is being used as a tool for practicing terrorism on our home turf. In this case, a particular raid is modified to reflect an attack on the White House. [T]wo World of Warcraft players discuss a raid on the “White Keep” inside the “Stonetalon Mountains.” The major ...

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The Pentagon wants a liquid robot

The Pentagon’s own DARPA has put out a call to the public for a design concept for a shape-shifting “chemical” robot that would be able to liquify and squeeze into small areas. This robot would have static dimensions that could be changed on command, much like the robot unit from Terminator 2. The militairy already uses robots in a variety ...

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