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Solar Panel Sunglasses

Here’s an idea I seriously can’t believe hasn’t been implemented yet: generating electricity through solar cells on sunglasses. It makes sense. When it’s very sunny out, you pop on shades and you’re good to go. Why can’t we mount panels to them to generate small bits of energy? You could then use said energy to power an MP3 player or ...

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No Pilot? No Problem

It seems wind records aren’t the only vehicular-based records being broken this year. Pictured above is the 66-pound unnamed unmanned flying machine that broke a world record for the longest-lasting unmanned flight. It remained airborne for an unbelievable 83 hours and 37 minutes. That’s three and a half days of non-stop flight thanks to it’s power source: lithium-sulfur batteries charged ...

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New York Turns To Alternative Power

Tuesday night at the National Clean Energy Summit, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City expressed his vision of a cleaner more green New York. He urged the need for energy-efficient design and proposed alternative methods of obtaining power, whether it be by wind or solar means. He goes as far as suggesting to add wind turbines to both the Brooklyn ...

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