Solar Panel Sunglasses

Here’s an idea I seriously can’t believe hasn’t been implemented yet: generating electricity through solar cells on sunglasses. It makes sense. When it’s very sunny out, you pop on shades and you’re good to go. Why can’t we mount panels to them to generate small bits of energy? You could then use said energy to power an MP3 player or recharge a cellphone.

That’s the idea with these Self-Energy Converting Glasses from designers Hyun-Joong Jim and Kwang-Seok Jeong.

The dye solar cell is described by the designers of the SIG as �cheap organic dye [used with] nano technology [providing] cheap but high energy efficiency.� Inexpensive, light, and visible-ray penetrable. The lens turns sunlight rays, (rays that would otherwise harm the eye,) into electrical energy.

I think we’ll be there by 2010. What do you think?


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