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Apple iPad Packaging Revealed

Apple’s revolutionary new product, the iPad, might be one of the most mis-titled gadgets in a century. Something tells me this packaging isn’t going to help very much. Perfect for heavy downloads, but only light flow. I think I’ll still prefer to use my USB Tampon. Wait a second, what the hell am I talking about? I’m the man here, ...

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If Modern Movies Were Packaged Like Retro Video Games: Part Deux

If you loved the first set of modern movie posters gone retro that we posted a few weeks ago, you’ll love this new set, featuring pretty recent flicks and shows packaged la retro Atari-style gaming cartridges. This time around we’ve got Lost, The Dark Knight and Wall-E. Three of my personal favorites.

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Ooga-Booga: How to Make a Mask With Photoshop

No crazy technical knowledge needed. It’s sort of like a software packing jackolantern. So you can tell people you’re a master Photoshop masker, even if you never even touched the actual application. I so know what I’m being for Halloween next year. Link [via]

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Care For A Glass of MILK?

Whether it’s a Oscar-winning picture featuring Sean Penn, the stuff you put in your cereal or the cream in your wife’s breasts, one thing is for sure: MILK rules. Especially when it’s being poured from a piece of literal packaging. Link

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Speedo Fast Skin Display

If you’re in NYC or another major metropolitan area, visit your local Speedo store and check out the packaging for the Fast Skin wetsuit. Inspired by shark skin, each suit comes shoved inside a clear, translucent package that resembles a baby shark egg. Tres chic! I wonder if Michael Phelps uses one… Link

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Brain TonIQ

Ahhh, the energy drink market. Let’s see, the Brain TonIQ website claims: Brain Toniq is no marketing gimmick. With 5 to 36 times the amount of active ingredients of any functional beverage on the market, Brain Toniq is the real deal. It provides simple access to the world’s most powerful brain-enhancing botanicals. The drink has no caffeine, it’s a nootropic ...

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