Kraft Looking for Miracle Packaging Material to Prevent Your Chocolate From Melting

My sweet tooth is my dietary weakness. I don’t typically overeat, but I love sweets, notably chocolate. I’ve learned over the years that there are certain places you can’t leave a chocolate bar while still planning to eat it without a straw. In an effort to quell chocolate’s folly, Kraft is seeking a new packaging material or method that would help keep chocolate in its solid form even in situations up to 104 degrees.

Kraft Foods seeks novel materials or approaches to packaging that can protect single serve chocolate bars from medium term exposure to warm ambient conditions. These products frequently experience multiple cycles of exposure to controlled and uncontrolled climates.

And in true “we can’t do it ourselves so we’re reaching out” style, Kraft has decided to crowdsource the problem and hopefully discover a solution from a third-party. Basically, Kraft is looking for a miracle material which costs about as much as the material they currently use for wrapping their chocolate. Preferably less expensive.

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  1. They already use fillers, and wax–sometimes they even use a fake chocolate, the last frontier is packaging. It has to be hard being a giant.

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