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6 Gadgets We Were Sure We’d Have By Now…


Throughout the years we have been convinced that in year xyz we would have gadget abc. Sometimes those gadgets come to be, but sometimes they just don't. Today we're taking a look at 6 gadgets we were sure would be a part of daily life by now.

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Medical Oddities Anatomy Pop-Up Book for Children

“Medical Oddities, Natural Anamolies and Carnival Gaffs: A Pop-Up Book for Children” probably would have scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. At my current age, this seems like one hell of a cruel joke to play on any unsuspecting child, but would be an awesome addition to my own personal library. Flickr user Crowolf shows ...

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8 Geeky Product And Gadget Combos Of Curiosity

There has been a metaphorical shit-storm of weird products recently, combining odd branding with some of the most obscure of gadgets. And while dropping a brand name on a box in order to sell a few more products isn’t necessarily rare, some of these branding combos are pretty out of this world. The eight gadgets which follow are not only ...

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Otto Lets You Hear The Unhearable

Silence can be so uncomfortable. Even when you’re chilling with friends, there’s that awkward silence that is deafening with its nothingness. Otto (Greek for “ear”) is a device which you can hook up to just about any dynamic object or situation to hear sounds that are otherwise inaudible. Otto then amplifies the sound, creating a whole new ambient experience. For ...

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YOUniverse Funk Fone stomps the competition with a 6″ platform

Unless you have a pre-teen daughter, this YOUniverse Funk Fone should never been seen in your posession. So what part is the “Fone”? The shoe. Just lift it off of the massive platform base, and you have a fully functioning phone that belongs more in a “gentlemen’s club” than your daughters bedroom. So apart from the major problem of a ...

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