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McDonald’s to Offer ChargePoint Electric Car Charging at Restaurants

In another effort to win back customer trust, McDonald’s, which still remains tainted by science revelations, the much publicized “Super Size Me” documentary and their murder of Billy Mays via a full-on attack of the cardio-region, is planning to unveil ChargePoint electric car chargers, at least at one location so far. I’m not sure of of what the correlation is ...

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Student Creates Construction Monster

Has everyone in North Carolina lost their sense of humor? It certainly wouldn’t surprise me. A North Carolina State University student named Joseph Carnevale was charged with larceny for creating a monster on the side of the road. He used a bunch of construction barrels and lights to make it. Look at how cool that thing is! While I understand ...

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High School Surveillance Cameras Film Possible Ghost Video

Motion-sensitive surveillance cameras at a high school in Asheville, North Carolina captured footage that may show a Ghost in action. At just before three in the morning on August 1st, the cameras turned on and filmed a shadowy figure slowly walking through the high school’s rotunda. After getting these shots, the cameras shut off for 24 seconds indicating a lack ...

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