High School Surveillance Cameras Film Possible Ghost Video

Motion-sensitive surveillance cameras at a high school in Asheville, North Carolina captured footage that may show a Ghost in action. At just before three in the morning on August 1st, the cameras turned on and filmed a shadowy figure slowly walking through the high school’s rotunda. After getting these shots, the cameras shut off for 24 seconds indicating a lack of movement before turning back on and capturing more footage of what appears to be the same shadowy figure floating around the room.

Instead of calling in video experts to analyze the ghostly images, reporters interviewed people at a nearby restaurant and high school staff who speculated that the video shows “the ghost of some former student who’s really angry with his teacher.” Clearly, the local news media is more interested in keeping this story alive during the slow summer news cycle than they are in actually getting answers. Personally, I would have called in Ghostbusters to handle to the situation instead of the useless reporters.


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