Student Creates Construction Monster


Has everyone in North Carolina lost their sense of humor? It certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

A North Carolina State University student named Joseph Carnevale was charged with larceny for creating a monster on the side of the road. He used a bunch of construction barrels and lights to make it. Look at how cool that thing is! While I understand that you can’t go around taking other people’s property, you’d think someone in the legal system would have been a sport about it.


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  1. I understand that the construction company wants Joe to re-construct the monster at their business site. I also understand that Joe has done a T-Rex before. My son suggested that when Joe re-constructs the hitch-hicking monster, that it would be funny if he did it in such a way that it looked like the hiking monster was about to be attacked by the T-Rex. TOO BAD the Carolina Justice System has NO sense of humor considering the companny that owns the barrels doesn.t want to press charges.

  2. In that case, Sandra, game on! If the construction company doesn’t care it’s fair game.

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