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Ballin’: iHoop From Spalding

Basketball can be fun when you’re with a couple of friends. Just the guys, chilling back and shooting a few hoops. But how do you get pumped before a game? Perhaps you listen to music on your iPod, like Michael Phelps does. Or, maybe you’re more of a Twitterer, like Shaq. Either way, getting Spalding’s new iHoop will get everyone ...

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HOW TO: Build Your Own Net Launcher

For our readers who hunt wild game or just live in an area with cool shit they’d like to capture, listen up. Instructables user Crispyjones has posted full details on how to make your own net-launching gun, just like the kind Batman used. It’s comprised of PVC pipe and uses pressurized air to launch the net at around 90 PSI. ...

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FCC Leaks Up and Coming Sony VAIO Netbooks

Most people think the FCC is all bad and all that it wants to do is prevent us from enjoying quality television with harsh language and nudity. Well, they would be right except that once in a blue moon the FCC blows the lid on some covert hardware that will soon hit store shelves. This time the FCC has leaked ...

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Lenovo’s First Shot At Netbooks

Computing isn’t always about raw power and trying to build the best gaming rig out there. Sometimes the simple bare necessities will suffice. Lenovos first netbook, the IdeaPad S10-42312CU, comes with all the bare necessities you’ll ever need to surf the web. Featuring a 10.2-inch 1024600 widescreen display, an Intel Atom N270 single core processor running at 1.6GHz, GMA 950 ...

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Introducing: Google Chrome

Tomorrow, Google will be launching the beta version of Google Chrome in more than 100 countries. Chrome is it’s new browser and while it may seem like it’s aimed at Internet Explorer or Firefox, Google is really targeting Windows. Google wants Chrome to be nothing short of a full on desktop operating system that could give Windows a run for ...

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