Ballin’: iHoop From Spalding


Basketball can be fun when you’re with a couple of friends. Just the guys, chilling back and shooting a few hoops. But how do you get pumped before a game? Perhaps you listen to music on your iPod, like Michael Phelps does. Or, maybe you’re more of a Twitterer, like Shaq. Either way, getting Spalding’s new iHoop will get everyone ready to go for a game.

The iHoop features a weatherproof compartment with an iPod dock. Plug in your iPod and two 3-inch speakers combined with a 5-inch subwoofer will gladly blast “Pump Up The Jam” for you and your crew. While the iHoop is the perfect idea for a basketball hoop, its execution begs to differ. Be prepared to shell out a whopping $1300 for nothing but net.


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