FCC Leaks Up and Coming Sony VAIO Netbooks

Most people think the FCC is all bad and all that it wants to do is prevent us from enjoying quality television with harsh language and nudity. Well, they would be right except that once in a blue moon the FCC blows the lid on some covert hardware that will soon hit store shelves. This time the FCC has leaked word of Sony’s latest VAIO netbooks.

Yes, you read right. It turns out that Sony does not feel too high and mighty enough to not compete with the slew of netbooks its competitors have been selling like hot cakes. Not much but enough is known about the two new models known as the PCG-1P1L and PCG-1P2L. The PCG prefix is known to represent Sony’s VAIO portable line and the dimensions of these latest models match typical netbook sizes, approximately 9.5 inches long by 4.5 inches wide. We’re excited to see Sony showing interest in the netbook market and can’t wait to get our hands on it!

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