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Back to the zone

I'm eager to see Monsters, Gareth Edwards' film about a man escorting a woman through a zone made deadly by the after-effects of an alien invasion. But waitthat film was made before!

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250 Pokemon Redesigned as Ancient Mythological Japanese Creatures

If Pokemon had been first drawn in the days of feudal Japan, those pocket monsters might have looked a bit different. In fact, they likely would have taken on a similar style as the demons which fill ancient Japanese scrolls. This clever Japanese artist redrew the Pokemon, reimagining their design to resemble ancient mythological Japanese creatures. First there was Godzilla, ...

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Marylinized Monsters

Take an iconic movie monster, add some neon color and Warholian-flair, and boom… instant pop art. These Marylinized Monsters by Jesse Lenz incorporate the iconic Warhol portrait of Marylin Monroe, or at least Marylin’s hair, into famous portraits of famous movie monsters. Link [via]

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Mobile Mobile Will Put Giant Geeky Monster Babies to Sleep

Even horrendous geeky monsters have babies in need of some mobile-aided relaxation. The hideous beasts will be wooed into sleepy land with this wonderful Mobile Mobile. Ohh, look at all the pretty phones. The Mobile Mobile is the result of an agency-wide upgrade which left UK-based Lost Boys International with 50 defunct HTC devices. Being the devilshly creative firm that ...

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The Anatomy of Japanese Monsters

I’ve kinda always wondered about this. Do monsters have the same basic anatomic features as us humans? I mean think about it. When you think of monsters, they could really be made of anything, sort of like aliens. Well, now we know. These anatomical charts come complete with spiked vertebrates and massive human filled colons. Hit the jump for Godzilla ...

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Movie Monster Size Comparison Chart

So basically, Clover from Cloverfield was one gigantic mothatrucka. Even bigger than Godzilla himself. The biggest surprise for me is how tiny the T-Rex is from Jurrasic Park. He’s only double the height of the Wicked Witch of the West and looks practically comedic next to Clover, Godzilla and the Tripod from War of the Worlds. Link

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