Movie Monster Size Comparison Chart


So basically, Clover from Cloverfield was one gigantic mothatrucka. Even bigger than Godzilla himself.

The biggest surprise for me is how tiny the T-Rex is from Jurrasic Park. He’s only double the height of the Wicked Witch of the West and looks practically comedic next to Clover, Godzilla and the Tripod from War of the Worlds.


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  1. Actually Godzilla is 50-100 meters (164-328ft) The Godzilla in this one seems to be 50 meters, but Godzilla has grown to double that height and triple that mass.

  2. yeah depending on what era godzilla ur talking about he’s d at tat size until his death in vs Desorifferent size. Showa was the 50 meters. Heisei had him at 80 meters in the movies 1984, vs Biollante and was also in vs King Ghidorah but was grown to 100 meters half way trough the movie and was that size for the rest of the series until his death iv vs Destoroyah. while the millennium series had him all over the place

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