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From VHS Lamness to Toaster Goodness

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, everything is better toasted. So it goes without saying that everything is equally better as a toaster. Look, if you’re still using your VHS player, there’s no excuse. It’s time to make the jump. Retirement is long overdue. But at least you can use your old tape player to make your ...

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Swapped Xbox 360 Controller Perfect for Lefties

What up south paws? Gaming controllers got you down? Lack the coordination in your right hand to successfully tap out the X Y B A buttons? Who decided to call it the “right” hand anyway. We say, it’s the WRONG hand. UNH! In yo face! Master modder Ben Heck busted out this awesome swapped Xbox 360 controller, a controller made ...

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Fallout Invades Your Blackberry

If you have a Blackberry and fancy yourself a Fallout 3 fan, then you’re in luck. Some modder created a working Pip-Boy theme for the Blackberry that works quite well. It comes in green and blue. It works on the Blackberry Curve so people with other models will have to do a little tweaking or just make their own. Link ...

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Picture This: Turn An Eee PC Into A Digital Photo Frame

Prefer ripping apart older electronics than purchasing new ones? You’re gonna love this mod. Essentially, you’ll be ripping an Eee PC apart, jamming into into a wood frame and placing it on your wall. How is this better than dropping $100 on a digital photo frame at Best Buy? Simple: You can easily display slideshows of pictures from Flickr, Picasa, ...

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Speak N’ Spellbinder: Circuit Bending Goodness

Part Speak and Spell, part Guitar Hero controller, this device is the ultimate in circuit-bending. Riddled with knobs, switches and a 1/4″ output, the Speak N’ Spellbinder will no doubt crank out some of the craziest glitch your precious ears have ever heard. Don’t believe me? Hit the jump for a video of the madness.

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Power Glove + Arduino

Anyone old enough to have owned an NES when it was the prime system knows how awesome the Power Glove could have been. Alas, it was just a controller bolted to a neat-looking glove. Now, 20 years later, Matt Mechtley has done the impossible and has officially made the Power Glove cool again. Using an Arduino, a Bluetooth module and ...

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