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The New Rubik’s Cube Means New Frustration

Unless you’re one of those crazy Rainman-like guys who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute, then the cube has caused you some sort of frustration or grief at one point in your life. Well, this new Rubik’s Cube appears even more difficult than its predecessor. Without colors on any side, the only leeway you get is from ...

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Tie-Fighter Display Looks Just Like Death Star Schematic Hologram

Holographic images are no longer exclusive to science fiction films thanks to the ICT Graphics Lab at USC.� Three-Dimensional displays have proven to be quite difficult to emulate, suffering from problems such as small viewing areas and high costs.� Using spinning mirrors, high-speed DLP projections and very precise mathematics, the crew at USC are able to display nearly 5,000 individual ...

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Fiberoptic lamp brings the sun inside

Sunlight is a commodity only now being fully realized for its gigantic magnitude of energy resources. In fact, The Cold Light fiberoptics don’t even the sun as a power source. The light gets transfered to an indoor-friendly fluorescent glow. On display at the Haus der Forschung in Vienna, a headlining institute in research science, the Cold Light system, called “0-24 ...

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