Fiberoptic lamp brings the sun inside


Sunlight is a commodity only now being fully realized for its gigantic magnitude of energy resources. In fact, The Cold Light fiberoptics don’t even the sun as a power source. The light gets transfered to an indoor-friendly fluorescent glow. On display at the Haus der Forschung in Vienna, a headlining institute in research science, the Cold Light system, called “0-24 Licht”, dangles in cords from the display, showing a dazzling bright light.

The “0-24 Licht” works with a number of situated mirrors, which capture sunlight and projects the light into a series of optical condensers set up at the entrance. From here, state of the art optical fibers transfer the light indoors, without any heat energy needed. “0-24 Licht” marks the first working prototype of a direct sunlight to fluorescent lighting system and can one day have a wide effect on architecture and electric costs, as well as the environment. — Andrew Dobrow

Cold light [Domusweb, via Inhabitant]

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