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Spore: Cracked and Leaked Edition

So looks like we’ve all got a nice gift from Santa this year in the form of Spore, the much awaited game from Will Wright. Sure, it’s due out on Monday, September 7th but who wants to wait the entire weekend? Hop on your favorite Bit Torrent site like I did and grab a copy. RELOADED is the only scene ...

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Maxis’ Spore Has Gone Gold

I sure hope you’ve tried out that creature creator for the upcoming Spore, otherwise you’re going to be left in the dark. Having to settle for randomly generating creatures simply because you weren’t creative enough to come up with your own does not please Will Wright. After all, the full game is just around the corner. That’s right, Spore has ...

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Spore Goes Galactic

And by Galactic, I mean Spore: Galactic Edition of course. If you’re a gamer who needs every piece of memorabilia a game has to offer then you won’t mind shelling out $80 for this special edition. Remember Vince’s monstrous pal, Bonerfart? He died. But, that’s only because Vince didn’t reserve his copy of Galactic Edition, guaranteeing him the 100-page galactic ...

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