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Eco-friendly Lightsaber Packs A Mean Punch

Lightsabers are flippin’ cool but one can’t help but question their toll on the environment. Enter the Jedi Ecosaber, the lightsaber that wields a compact fluorescent bulb. It’ll light up but, when it comes to slicing things in half, you’d be better off with a butter knife. Redbubble is selling these t-shirts for $26.53, so grab yours before everyone in ...

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Lightsabers On-Demand At Bustop: Use In Case Of Sith

SpikeTV is advertising their presentation of Star Wars in the sexiest way possible. By featuring lightsaber glow-stick lights on a specially designed bus stop ad, of course. Sexiest way possible? I think so. The Dark Side is strong, my son. But using the power of The Force and your bus toll, you too can be a Jedi. Or at least ...

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LED Umbrella looks like a lightsaber

How cool would it be to walk through a rainy day wielding an umbrella that resembles a weapon fit for a Jedi? The LED Umbrella looks like a modified lightsaber with a cool rain protection feature. Eat that, Darth! The umbrella has a special illuminated shaft with LED as the source behind the light, hence the lightsaber glow. With the ...

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Darth Vader Limited Edition Lightsaber Umbrella

 What will they think of next? Maybe a Lightsaber-themed sex toy? Eh, its most likely already been done. Not only can a Lightsaber protect you from the Alliance and change your TV station, but it can also apparently protect your hair from liquid droplets of destruction, or as you might like to call it…rain. This Japanese-made limited-edition Darth Vader Lightsaber ...

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