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Interview: LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya

LEGO master Nathan Sawaya should be no stranger to you. We’ve posted about several of his amazing projects, including his newest piece, a five-foot replica of a Blackberry Tour 9360. We were lucky enough to have the chance to delve into the brain of a true artistic genius. It’s not everyday you get to speak to a geek icon, so ...

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LEGO Satan is Not Satisfied With Your Brick Creation

You’ve tried everything. You’ve tried rebuilding damaged architecture with LEGOs. You’ve tried building crazy reconstructions of video game characters. Hell, you’ve even tried recreating other forms of geek media with brick art. And guess what. None of your efforts have amused LEGO Satan. That deal you made with the devil for a lifetime supply of Jolt cola in exchange for ...

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“OMG! They Killed Kenny!” LEGO Brick Sculpture Creation

Two things can be expected when watching an episode of South Park. One, you’re bound to laugh at something, even if it’s in disgust. Two, a heavily jacketed boy by the name of Kenny McCormick is going to die in some gory manner, every time without fail. This OMG! They Killed Kenny! LEGO Brick Sculpture was created by Dirk VH. ...

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LEGO Luigi is Tired of Mario’s Shit

So, I was chilling with Luigi the other day and he’s all like, “Yo dawg, I’m mad sick over Mario poppin’ up in all my shit, aight?” So I was all like, “Well, Luigi, buddy old pal, you’re going to have to do something to overshadow Mario’s incredible reach.” Luigi concurred. Hence, he commisioned this magnificent LEGO self-portrait. Composed of ...

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LEGO Jesus Was Assembled For Your Sins

Yo, JC, we’re cool, right? I mean, I know, I was born Jewish. And while I’m not a practicing Jew, per se, you won’t strike me down for spreading the word about this LEGO image of yourself, right? Just wanted to get that out of the way. As a geeky God fearing people, we believe the only way to truly ...

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Come and Knock On Our Door: Famous Sitcom Sets Recreated With LEGO Bricks

It’s the shows we grew up on. The one that taught us our values because our parents were too busy drinking and slapping us around. The one that taught us that even average American’s have family values. The one that taught us that even senior citizens have a sex drive. Wait… what? Yes, it’s some of our favorite sitcom sets, ...

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