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Unevenly Distributed: What Gremlins Says About The 80s And Its Tech

Even before the viewer catches a glimpse his first Mogwai, Joe Dante's Gremlins establishes the link between the titular goblins and malfunctioning technology by way of Randy Peltzer and his many incompetent inventions. It's a film very much of its time, with many fascinating things to say about the way Reagan-era Americans looked at technology. It's also a movie that would be impossible to remake today, for one big reason: the smartphone is our Bathroom Buddy.

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Odd “Laser Engineered” Nike ads found on streets of Paris

If you happen to be walking around the streets of Paris recently you might of come across these very odd Nike “Laser Engineered” ads. After some heavy digging and researching (of course) we’ve managed to uplift some more information and some excellent pictures of the ads themselves. The ads are promotion for  four upcoming Nike sport shoes with a design ...

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