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New Standard Keyboards aim to undo QWERTY

This new keyboard definitely confuses for a second. It is the New Standards Keyboard created by John Parkinson because “things that make no sense have always bugged me.” At first glance, this looks even worse than a QWERTY keyboard, but when you study key placement, it actually makes some sense. All of the alphabet keys are in alphabetical order, the ...

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iPod dock in new Apple keyboard?

Everyone’s favorite Apple rumor site, ThinkSecret, is claiming that Apple is prepping a new USB keyboard with a built-in iPod dock. Of course, the sources were unable to see the keyboard, but they heard of it being spotted in the wild by customers who sent their keyboards to Apple for replacement. Though the number of keyboards is supposedly less than ...

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Eat at the keyboard? We’ve got you covered.

Those of us who live around our computers know that sometimes    we disrespect our keyboards. Sometimes the chip crumbs go under that keyboard and every time it happens a little piece of us dies. The perfect way to cure this is a nice USB vacuum cleaner. And don’t worry we’ve found exactly what you’re looking for. Sure odd peripherals ...

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