iPod dock in new Apple keyboard?

apple keyboardEveryone’s favorite Apple rumor site, ThinkSecret, is claiming that Apple is prepping a new USB keyboard with a built-in iPod dock. Of course, the sources were unable to see the keyboard, but they heard of it being spotted in the wild by customers who sent their keyboards to Apple for replacement. Though the number of keyboards is supposedly less than ten, it is believed that they have been taken back by Apple. Though it seems far-fetched, Apple did force customers who received the replacements for their G4 Cube systems to sign non-disclosure agreements. But I mean come on, this is a keyboard. ThinkSecret believes that this peripheral should be expected around MacWorld, as well as the iPhone, but have a USB peripheral does go against Apple’s new bluetooth accessories. — Zach Wilt

Apple readying new keyboard with iPod dock? [Think Secret]

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