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Twitter Creator: ‘I Never Intended For Twitter To Be Useful’

Amazing. The Onion is reporting that Twitter creator Jack Dorsey had “never intended for it to be useful.” The report claims that Dorsey created the service for attention-starved idiots who have nothing else better to do. Without a doubt, it is the greatest description of Twitter. Says Dorsey: “Twitter was intended to be a way for vacant, self-absorbed egotists to ...

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GPS collar could save Cheetah from extinction

Not everything that comes out of the Middle East is negative. Hooray. Biologists in Iran have successfully equipped two cheetahs with GPS collars, which they hope will help them better understand the endangered status of these massive felines. �These captures herald a new era in conservation in Iran, said biologist Hooshang Ziaie, director of the project in Iran. �This is ...

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