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Inexpensive Illumination: Glow in the Dark Keyboard Stickers

Not everyone is in the financial position to buy a keyboard with illuminated keys. That shit can get expensive. Macbooks might come stock with illuminated keys, but my Dell POS sure as hell doesn’t. What if I’m high off my ass in the dark and can’t remember my QWERTY hand placement? Not a pleasant situation. These Glowing Keyboard Stickers, made ...

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The Lamp That Adjusts To Your Surroundings

Every now and then there comes a lamp that makes me tingle. I’m not referring to the Smoon Ombrella or the Centipede Lamp, though those two are weird in their own right. Designer Chris Natt was fed up with varying levels of light in his work environment, so he made this lamp, the Stimuli 3.0, that will keep the light ...

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