Mobiado’s Luminoso phone looks better at night, and that’s NOT a bad thing

mobiado luminoso

Every day there are announcements of new cell phones and PDA’s and they pretty much all look the same. The Mobiado Luminoso refuses to fit in with the crowd. This is no “everyman” phone. It is luxury in every aspect of the word, but might be well worth the money if you are a design kinda guy. The Luminoso has a key pad made of sapphire and stainless steel that is lit in a peculiar, but very cool way. The dual illumination feature lights the keypad from above and below, which makes the phone have a glow like no other. Of course you get the other features too! Don’t be silly! You get a 2 MP zoom camera, a USB port, and MP3 capabilities. No price has been announced yet for the Luminoso, but odds are you can’t afford it. And for those who can…we hate you. — Andrew Dobrow

Mobiado Luminoso Product Page [via Crave]

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