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Playing Chess in the Dark with LED Masterpiece Game

Prisoners of war, rejoice! Even if you’re stuck in the hole with only your alter-ego to keep you company you can still keep up with your chess game. The LED-lit Masterpiece Game features both chess and checkers pieces lit individually via small LED bulbs. The Masterpiece game board ships with both a car adaptor and an AC adaptor for playing ...

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Illuminating Mug Glows From Inner Warmth

Thomas Kinkade might be a little too grandma-ish for you, but I thought this mug was pretty neat, despite the hokey winter scene design. When the mug is filled with warm liquid, such as urine, the windows of the home illuminate. My Grandma is extremely aroused. Hot cocoa has that effect on her. Link [via]

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My Head Hurts, Turn Off The Light

This table lamp designed by Alexander Lervik might look like just an ordinary lamp modeled after the human brain, but it’s so much more to Mr. Lervik. It’s called MYBrain and interestingly enough, it is Alexander Lervik’s brain. OK, it’s not his actual brain but it’s as close as it ever will be while propped on a stand, having light ...

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DIY: Glowing Multipurpose Pushbuttons

Making your own arcade unit? What about some other DIY project that uses buttons? Buttons that don’t glow are mundane and unattractive, so why not make your own illuminating buttons? Playing arcade games in the dark is tough without being able to see what button you’re mashing down upon. Thankfully, Hacknmod has written up a great how to guide on ...

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Phasing LED Umbrella makes May flowers jealous of April showers

Weather along the eastern coast of the U.S. has been insane. Rain one minute, sunshine spring weather the next minute, snow a minute later. It’s always good to be equipped with a good umbrella. If it looks cool, it doesn’t hurt. The Phasing LED Umbrella has glowing LED bulbs which illuminate the umbrella to create the illusion of a star ...

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