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DIY ear-endoscopy for everyone!

  We don’t know how many of you guys habitually  clean your own ears, some use cotton bud, some use fancy spectulas. The problem of doing that is that you can never see what’s inside… unless you’re performing on somebody else, which is pretty gross. In 2 days, Coden Japan  will start selling this easy-to-use ear endoscope-alike ear cleaning device ...

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Self-Cleaning Litter Box makes cat less stinky

All pet owners out there are sure to know a few handy and helpful gadgets of you own, but we doubt you’ve heard of this one. The Self-Cleaning Litter Box, or Litter Round-Up One-Touch (pretty catchy, huh?), makes cleaning up after a cat as easy as pushing a button. With the press of one button a built-in rake dumps all ...

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