Self-Cleaning Litter Box makes cat less stinky

smarthome self-cleaning litter box

All pet owners out there are sure to know a few handy and helpful gadgets of you own, but we doubt you’ve heard of this one. The Self-Cleaning Litter Box, or Litter Round-Up One-Touch (pretty catchy, huh?), makes cleaning up after a cat as easy as pushing a button.

With the press of one button a built-in rake dumps all of the little kitty poopies into a storage receptacle. From there all you do is take the gathered litter and chuck it in the trash (or onto your enemies head depending on your motive). Nobody wants a stinky house. Except maybe your cat. Just look at the kitty in the picture. Cocky bastard.

For $80, which is an expensive sum to pay for a feces container, you not only get the ease of clean up. The box also supposedly keeps litter box in the box where it should be. And keep it away from where it usually winds up, on your floor.

If your worried about the hygiene of the whole thing, stop your worrying. Every part of the box is removable for easy cleaning. There’s even accessories available to expand and customize the damn thing. Cat owners can really make it easy on themselves by getting something like this. — Andrew Dobrow

Smarthome Self-Cleaning Litter Box [via Funkyfashion]

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  1. lorraine lukasik

    do you have a vidio on this damn item i would appreciated it too?
    do you have a payment plan? Because i am low income please repond back, thanks
    lorraine lukasik

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