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The Ebola-Killing Robot: Now in Use by US Hospitals

Xenex uses a super powered UV light to kill any harmful little beings trying to dig their way into your body. While the bot isn't guaranteed to kill every last germ hiding in every little corner, it does do a pretty good job of disinfecting a hospital room.

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Robot pretends to be sick, doctors listen

A new prototype robot could help doctors be more prepared for whatever obscure ailment you might face. The sick patient bot, developed by researchers at Gifu University’s Graduate School Of Medicine, can respond verbally to questions posed to it about its condition, while also moving and acting the way a human might if handling the same condition. The sick bot ...

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Robot Nurses: The future of hospitals and strip clubs

Hospitals have become plagued with staff shortages, which results in more work for the current staff, and longer waits for us patients. Scientists think that the future of medicine lies in the hands of robotics. Prototypes have already been used in hospitals, but soon the technology community sees robotics taking even a stronger hand in medicine…with robotic nurses. The IWARD ...

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