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Twitter From Your Commodore 64

The above video shows a gentleman loading up a Commodore 64 with some software off an old-ass floppy disk. This C64 software is actually homebrew Twitter software used to send tweets. Believe it or not, you can actually tweet (albeit it very slowly) with it. It’s amazing how you can do so much with a C64 and the C64 Ethernet ...

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Homebrew Goodness Reminds Me Of Old Sierra Game

If you’re one of many Wii owners that are tired of using it at as a DVD player or a dry-erase board, then you’ll be happy to know that the homebrew scene is still going strong with innovative concepts that are pushing the capabilities of the Wii more than Nintendo ever attempted to do. Wii Physics is one of the ...

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Why, God? Why? Twitter For The DS

If you’re a Twitter whore and you just so happen to own a Nintendo DS, then you’ll be pleased to know that accessing Twitter is now possible on your portable gaming system. Unfortunately, it’s only in Spanish at the moment, but if you’re desperate to let everyone know when you’re eating and shitting then I’m sure you can get around ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Nintendo DS Music Apps

We’ve talked previously about how the Nintendo DS can be used in all kinds of fun ways, including both homebrew and music. The fine folks over at Remaincalm.org have rounded up 25 pieces of audio software for your enjoyment. You’ll find everything here: drum machines, sequences, mixers, loopers, bit crush filters, trackers, MIDI interfaces, samplers, synths and so much more. ...

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A Practical Use For Your Wii

It’s no mystery that the Wii is the biggest disappointment since Dr. Phil getting his own TV show. If you are one of many unfortunate owners of one, you’re probably looking for some application that might be of more use than flailing your arms around during Wii Sports tennis only to have the ball be hit the same way every ...

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Nintendo DS Homebrew Guide

Looking to get the most out of your DS? DS Fanboy has compiled a great homebrew guide for all you coders and hackers who are interested in using the Nintendo DS as a development platform. We’ve dabbled a bit in DS homebrew discussion, pointing out accessories like the N5 loader and the KORG DS-10 software, which, without a doubt in ...

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