Why, God? Why? Twitter For The DS

If you’re a Twitter whore and you just so happen to own a Nintendo DS, then you’ll be pleased to know that accessing Twitter is now possible on your portable gaming system. Unfortunately, it’s only in Spanish at the moment, but if you’re desperate to let everyone know when you’re eating and shitting then I’m sure you can get around the language barrier. DSTwitter is free, all you’ve got to do is follow these steps:

  • Prepare a memory card (R4DS) and the DS�s WiFi connection.
  • Register to the Scene Beta website. Username and email required.
  • Download the DSTwitter 1.3 .RAR file.
  • Extract the contents �in the root of the memory card.�
  • Input Twitter login.
  • Run the program.
  • Before you know it you’ll be Twitter-ing it up at a McDonalds WiFi hotspot, letting all your friends know that you just ate three big macs in a row. It’s interesting to see what fans will come up with in terms of development for the DS. As for myself,� I’m waiting for the TumblrDS in English, so thanks but no thanks.

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