Homebrew Goodness Reminds Me Of Old Sierra Game

If you’re one of many Wii owners that are tired of using it at as a DVD player or a dry-erase board, then you’ll be happy to know that the homebrew scene is still going strong with innovative concepts that are pushing the capabilities of the Wii more than Nintendo ever attempted to do. Wii Physics is one of the newer homebrew apps that almost makes the Wii seem enjoyable to play. Using your trusty Wiimote you can place objects on a stage and adjust their size and rotation.

Sounds boring, huh? I’m not finished, asshole. Pulleys, ropes, gears and joints can be used to connect objects together and when all is said and done, you press the play button. That’s when the magic begins and The Incredible Machine turns on, causing the objects to fall and interact with each other. It’s free to download and the source is also accessible in case you want to expand upon it.

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