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Steve Jobs Action Figure Gets Trashed

As a cultural icon, it's no surprise that companies would seek to "immortalize" Steve Jobs by creating products in his image. One company released an eerily realistic Steve Jobs "Action Figure"... and was quickly shot down by Apple.

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I Broke My Thumb On My New Concrete Fingerboard Skate Park

The next time your son begs you for a fingerboard skate park, try not to laugh in his face. Instead, be more considerate. Perhaps his new hobby will eventually lead to him going pro and becoming sponsored and thus earning him a living doing what he loves. Of course, you don’t want to settle for the cheap plastic junk Tech ...

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DIY: Ard-e The Arduino Robot

Robotics can be an expensive hobby but cheap robot projects do exist. Instructables member Imadami has made a DIY robot with an Arduino brain that you can build yourself for under a hundred dollars. This remote controlled robot is stocked with a pan and tilt system that could be used to aim a camera or even a USB missile launcher ...

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