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Donald Duck Transformer

Disney has already scooped up Marvel and their massive catalog 5,000 comic book characters. But what if Disney moved onto greener pastures and started scooping up toy companies as well? If Hasbro was picked up by Disney, we might start seeing plenty of more toys like this. The Donald Duck Transformer is both nightmarish (as you contemplate the possible future) ...

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Super Soaker 50 20th Anniversary Edition

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the de facto water gun was the Super Soaker. I myself had both the SS 50 and SS 100 guns, including a few extra water tanks. My friends and I would stake out my backyard, gunning for an hours-long fight to the death. Hasbro is re-releasing the original Super Soaker 50 to celebrate its ...

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Ampbot: Kicking Out Jams and Burglars

It’s a shame that Sega doesn’t manufacture gaming consoles anymore but it’s good to see the company can still churn out some interesting product. Ampbot is Sega’s latest creation and it’s a weird one. Ampbot follows you around blasting music from 12W speakers. It dances to the beat, busts a move and will set you back $500. Yeah, I know. ...

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NERF N-Strike Recon CS-6 = Pure Fun

Surely if you’re any kind of real man, you grew up with NERF foam toys in the ’80s and ’90s. From Ballzooka to the infamous foam crossbow, the arsenal a kid could have at his disposable was unmatched by any other company save Super Soaker. Now it’s 2008 and NERF is still kicking ass with its latest creation, the N-Strike ...

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AT-AT From The Streets (Word)

If you were born and raised in West Philadelphia, like the Fresh Prince (not of the Purple Rain variety), then you know the important significance graffiti has on people. Well, so does Christie’s auction house; they’ve decided to let it go for an estimated $1,500 – $2,000. I don’t know what makes it more appealing: the fact that it’s a ...

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EA Makes Nerf Gun Wii-a-fied

In a move from EA and Hasbro to create a shooter game peripheral, they’ve joined forces to create the Wiimote Nerf Blaster. Soon to make a launch in the UK, the Blaster can be used as a typical Nerf gun, while also offering a new peripheral to strap your Wiimote onto. In addition to looking super cool, the new peripheral ...

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