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Zune HD Hands On

Personally, as a Mac user, I could give two shits about Microsoft’s latest incarnation of its failed digital audio player. But alas, Gizmodo’s Brian Lam got his paws on the Zune HD and says it’s quite the improvement. In fact, he seems to like it more than Apple’s ultra-popular iPod Touch, save for the lack of apps available. Check out ...

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Trying Out The New Xbox 360 Experience

I hope you’ve been preparing for the new Xbox experience because it’s going to change the way you play your 360. No doubt you’ve heard that Microsoft has completely revamped the dashboard, bringing with it a new design and avatars that give core players the casual feel of the Wii. Is this a good thing? It sure is according to ...

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Little Big Planet: Early Hands On

This weekend I happened to acquire a nice PS3 as well as a copy of Little Big Planet. If you haven’t heard, the game isn’t supposed to go on sale until Tuesday due to some issues with the game’s music. I’ve been playing it with my roommate for a day or two and I gotta say it’s impressive. It reminds ...

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