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An Underwater AK-47 Shot In Slo-Mo

Underwater Bullet Video

There is something about watching things in slow motion that just gets your attention. Thousands of balloon popping, water droplet videos of this incredible phenomena can be found all over the net. One of our favorite slow motion videos though is the video of the AK-47 being shot in slow motion.

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Homemade Mass Effect M8 Assault Rifle Replica

Using mostly various household products and scraps, Volpin Props created this awesome replica of the M8 Assault Rifle from the only game in recent history that features a lesbian alien-human sex scene, Mass Effect. Mostly composed of scrap parts, MDF board, PVC pipe and LEDs, Finally you’ll be able to test for your self just which game’s weapons are superior, ...

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Bulletproof Handkerchief Is As Classy As Body Armor Gets

Dueling is a favorite pass time of mine but if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to be prepared. That’s why I wear one of these bulletproof handkerchiefs everywhere I go. Some mother fucker slaps me and challenges me to a duel, you bet your ass we’re meeting before sun down at the town square. Little does my opponent ...

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Colombian Bulletproof Chic

Colombian fashion designer Miguel Caballero has been described as the “Armani of bulletproof clothing.” Caballero, pictured above with action movie star and guitar enthusiast Steven Seagal modeling one of his leather jackets, makes ultra-lightweight bulletproof gear using a top secret material. Though Caballero won’t reveal exactly how he makes the lining in his high security duds, he says it involves ...

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Your Grandmother Would Love One Of These

It’s not a pistol that can shoot tequila, but this porcelain pistol does have some kick to it. Modeled after James Bond’s infamous Walther PPK and P99, these white porcelain weapons are the product of designer Yvonne Lee Schultz. She’s created a few other floral-based pieces that look beautiful, especially the PP/99/R with a big red rose on it. Hit ...

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EA announces updates to Battlefield 2142 in Spring

It’s always nice to hear about video games getting updated so often now that online gaming is the way to go. EA has announced that they are going to be releasing a large upgrade to their game Battlefield 2142 in the spring of this year. Take a look at what EA has said about the update: Three new maps provide ...

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